Get ahead
of the game

You don’t just want to cross the finish
line. Maybe you also want to be the first.
Or set a new record. Or cross not one,
but several finish lines. Does any of this
sound like you?

My name is Andrei Romanescu and I
am a mentor for go-getters in strategy,
execution, and leadership.

services for go-getters


Challenges you face as a go-getter:

  • You are a manager who wants to achieve their goals while being an inspiration for their team;
  • an executive eyeing organizational growth or even market leadership;
  • an entrepreneur who wants to grow their business to the next level or is just at the beginning of their adventure;
  • a student looking for a break-through start for their career;
  • a first-time manager who wants to adjust quickly to the new role and overcome struggles.

All you need is an external unbiased opinion to
help you achieve your objectives.

services for go-getters

Services for go-getters

Three areas are key to your success, and we can focus on either or all of them:


For whom?Executives, directors,
senior managers,

1. Setting up your objectives
2. Planning your way towards them
3. Getting everyone on board
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For whom?Directors, senior
managers, managers,

1. Making sure your plan is well executed: ”from vision and strategy to action”
2. Achieving and maintaining operational excellence Download services list


For whom?Executives, directors, senior
managers, managers, team leaders,
supervisors, individual contributors,
entrepreneurs, students

1. Become a better leader and shape other leaders yourself
2. Get ready to become a first-time leader
3. Prepare for your first job Download services list
download services list
  • Because of my results – first as a front-line manager, then as an executive. I do not rely on theoretical models, but on my 23 years of proven track record in helping companies and individuals succeed. I've done this in local and multinational businesses, in Romania and abroad.
  • Because I help you step by step, from vision to strategy and implementation.
  • Because of my philosophy: Achieve, then breathe.
  • Because of my relaxed and approachable nature.
services for go-getters

Andrei Romanescu may seem young, until you look at
his bio. At the age of 23 he was already leading a team of 150 in
Romania, and at 26 he experienced a leadership role in Canada.
Four years later, he took on a Vice President position in a
multinational corporation, and later became the Managing
Director for Hewlett-Packard Global Business Center (HP GBC)
at the age of 33. He was the first Romanian to lead a team of
more than 3500, handling a budget of 100m USD and offering
support to businesses with a total turnover of 25bn USD.

andrei romanescu

A curious mind, in his 23 years of professional experience Andrei explored industries like telecom, business process outsourcing, shared services and IT, undertaking various roles in customer service, marketing, finance and operations management.

His experience, mindset and approach made him a sought-after resource for think tanks and association boards. Andrei became a Certified Management Consultant for demonstrating outstanding management skills. Under his leadership, HP GBC has received important accolades from reputable national and international associations, including the Shared Services Organization of the Year in 2015.

How individuals and organisations have
benefited from Andrei’s experience and expertise:

  • 15+ mentoring relationships resulting in >30% of mentees making a career jump/promotion while all of them delivering greater performance for themselves and the organizations they are part of
  • Award-winning strategy “Best Employment Initiative 2014” - Business Review (Romania’s premier business magazine)
  • 3 startup operations built from scratch on time and with less cost than budget (EUR 800K savings)
  • Achieved 12% growth for mature operations
  • EUR 60+M savings resulting from process improvement and cost optimization initiatives
  • Delivered 5-15% productivity increase
  • 85%+ employee retention and engagement
How do I build 'high-performing teams'?
How do I get my message heard and influence decision makers?
How do I position and sell myself inside an organisation?
How do I build my self-confidence?
How do I plan my career?
How do I implement an idea I do not believe in?
How do I prepare myself for an interview - inside or outside my current company?
How do I know when I need a strategy? How do I build and implement it?
How do I get from vision to results?
How do I lead a team I’ve just been promoted from?
How do I work with a new manager?
How should I lead an effective and efficient meeting?
How should I convey a difficult message?
How do I build an innovation-led culture?
How should I prepare for a client visit?
How could I make different teams, big or small, work together?
Is employee attrition good?
Can managers be friends with their subordinates?
What is the difference between being firm and tough as a manager?
Should I have a fail plan?
How do I increase my chances to be promoted?
How should I lead a team remotely?
How do I make people with different objectives work together for the same purpose?
What should I do to proactively retain my employees?
How should I develop the people around me so they can perform as I wish?
How should I create and build employee engagement?
How should I help my team (and myself) get over a change?
How can I manage a conflict?
How do I implement a culture of recognition?
How should I give and receive feedback?
How do I deal with difficult people?
How do I create a culture of collaboration?
How do I address poor performance?
How do I create a culture of high performance?
How do I make decisions based on data, not emotions?
How do I ask the right questions?
How do I deal with the lack of time and with delays so that I reach my objectives as well as save some time for myself?
How could I be successful in my first job search?
Need help with answering any of these? Let’s meet! First meeting is free of charge.
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